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Wood ear mushrooms

Dissolve Kidney, Gallbladder & Bladder stones with wood ear mushrooms

Wood ear mushrooms are a staple in TICM cooking because they are full of nutrients, rich in iron, are anti-cancer and add moisture to our Lung. They are so delicious because they add a great texture, almost like a soft crunch while absorbing the flavor of what’s being cooked.

In TICM, we eat foods for their essence. Ancient TICM medical texts cite that wood ear mushrooms also known as black fungus enter the Lung, Stomach, and Liver organs.

Reasons to eat wood ear mushroom:

Tonifies Yin/Fluids:

Clears heat

Moistens the Lung

Increases body fluids

Promotes positive emotions

Helps to regulate Blood circulation

Anti-viral, wood ear contains germanium, which has anti-viral and anti-tumour fighting properties

By doing the above it helps the following symptoms:

Dissolving Gallstones, Kidney stones, Bladder stones



Heart disease

High cholesterol

Intestinal fat content

Dryness such dry throat, dry cough

Poor circulation that leads to heart attack, stroke

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