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Oranges and chlorophyll

Did you know that oranges have very high content of chlorophyll? 

In hot countries, as it never gets cold, the outside of the orange remains green and that is how they sell it. Regardless whether it it green or orange in colour externally, it is actually always orange on the inside. Whereby in places like Australia, when it goes cold, if you have an orange or even a lemon tree, when it gets cold, the fruit begins to turn orange or yellow externally as it loses the chlorophyll content. 

Chlorophyll is a great Liver detox. So if you are blessed enough to have a orange tree in your back yard, why not enjoy the fruit for both chlorophyll and vitamin C content whilst it is still green?

Also, do not throw the peel out. Slice up the peel, dry or dehydrate it and store in a jar. if you have digestive issues, make a cup of tea with the peel and enjoy as a tea. I put a few pieces in my ginger powder tea to prevent my digestive function from clogging up.

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