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                                                    Purpose and values

Jahanara’s purpose in life is to enlighten people on the benefits of health optimisation through natural practices and interventions. By empowering people with the natural cost-effective practices and philosophies of health maintenance and restoration, her aim is to change the world to a better place than what she found.


Jahanara values natural and risk-free methods of care and employs a wide range of old and new sophisticated treatment techniques to empower patients with choice, because not everyone believes that a lifetime filled with drugs and surgery is the key to living a long and healthy life. She is driven by the huge difference she makes in people’s everyday lives and strives to continue to change society’s broken approach to healthcare, one patient at a time.


Having worked with several leading mentors over the years to hone her craft, Jahanara’s gentle nature and simple answers cement what many of her teachers had taught, that the beauty of natural medicine lies within its simplicity. She pride’s herself at being a welcoming practitioner and respectful of age, faith and nationality.

Islamic & Chinese medicine for all your health care needs

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