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My promise and commitment to my patients: to listen to them and take into account all of their needs and ensure their treatment is completly individualised, providing them with their unanswered questions that the medical industry cannot give them. I ensure I treat them the quickest way possible in the most efficient and friendly manner. Honesty and integrity are everything to me, I am non-judgmental and I firmly believe this is one of the reasons why my patients, regardless of age, gender and faith are so open with me and can reveal even their darkest secrets knowing the information is completely confiudential. If I believe I cannot treat someone, I will let them know. I only treat people how I want to be treated and according to Islamic values with respect, love, honesty, dignity, and integrity. My patients are made to feel like they are the only person in my life, and they are all that matters. This philosophy and practice goes a long way in terms of effectively healing patients and completely natural.


I firmly believe everyone deserves to be healthy. I will use my amazing medicine and all natural resources available to me to ensure every dis-ease is healed. 

Islamic & Chinese medicine for all your health care needs

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