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Voice Uterus connection

Womb-Voice Connection

Everyone who reads my posts and/or has come to me should know my thoughts on the zionist run big pHARMa and big pHARMa pimps. I don’t dislike people and/or organised crime for no reason. There will always be a good reason. In addition, I don’t believe in so called specialists as they are full of dribble and don’t know what they are doing. And surely for those who believe in specialists, in case you did not know, the human body is one and connected. It cannot be separated. So study the voice box in the picture and the Uterus. Do you see any connections?

Now with anatomy and women's pelvic bodywork over the years, I discovered just how much our pelvis and womb space is connected to our primal voice and I want to share a practice with you to awaken this powerful pathway.

When we were in the womb, the canal making up our vocal chords and the one making up our pelvic openings was one before eventually dividing. This inter-connection always stays with us on a physical level.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ But it is disconnected by the system on a spiritual level. This realisation came to me when I started practicing Islam. Islam is not a religion and I will argue this with anyone. Islam and Chinese Medicine are a spiritual way of life. The two are intertwined and cannot be departed. Islam gave me my God given voice.

With self-empowered bodywork, many women discover an incredible voice they never knew they had, ⁣⁣or finally find the strength to express fully and call in their heart's desires. After seeing this happen so many times, I understood that anatomy based, embodied and somatic work is the key that will set our dormant potential free.


Here is a voice rewilding exercise based on our women's pelvic program. It will help you find a primal voice rising from the pelvis up. Set some time aside today or this weekend to experience it for yourself.

Here's the exercise:

Set up a private environment using candles, a yoga mat prayer mat or any mat, music from nature such as raindrops, tweeting birds (or Quran if your Muslim) and incense. Personally, I prefer frankincense and myrrh or sage as they are spiritual.

First stand up with feet hip width and let your tone come out of our mouth, not forcing it but rather letting it bulge out softly towards your chin.

Feel what's happening in your throat and chest, and stay for 2-3 minutes.

Continue breathing.

With the tongue bulging out, begin to move your eyes and look at all corners of the room. The eyes connect to your thorat area and also impact your voice expression.

Then come on all fours and continue with the tongue out and eyes looking all over the room.

As you do this, let a full Aaaah sound to come out.

Then begin to move and snake your spine all the way from the pelvis to the neck, tongue and eyes still moving.

Stay with the last step for about 5 minutes. Allow yourself to move through any feelings that arise.

Whenever you feel that your voice is stuck, your expression is closed and your wild self needs to be freed, come back to this exercise and notice what happens.

Side note: As a Muslim, I actually execute my God given voice as I know my rights in Islam. I am no longer a walk over which many people in particular weak women and weak men find a threat. I know my status in Islam and I won’t hesitate in using my Islam against anyone.

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