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Stubbornness is when one has the tendency to resist any form of change. According to the dictionary it means dogged determination not to change one's attitude or position on something.

Though being stubborn can be a good thing, whether it is standing your ground or exhibiting persistence, there gets to be a point where it becomes harmful to you, your health, and those around you. Those lines become crossed when it is always “your way or the highway”, when you don’t listen to other people’s thoughts, views, or words, and when you find yourself in constant conflict with others.

In TICM, our bodies ultimate health is determined by how well we can live in harmony with nature. Nature is constantly changing, flowing, moving and adapting. There is a great importance in flexibility and knowing that the only thing constant in our life is change.

Essentially, stubbornness is resistance to change. Because nature and life are all about evolving and changing, stubbornness is resistance to life itself. Severe stubbornness has a physical impact on the body.

Stubbornness can manifest physically to:

Knee problems: inflexibility and resistance to bend or give in.

Neck problems: when you can't see another person's point of view.

Liver Stagnation: emotional distress harms the Liver and blocks vital energy and Blood from properly flowing and toxins from being flushed out.

Most common Stomach problems are actually a result of an unhappy Liver. Liver Stagnation leads to symptoms like: abdominal pain, constipation, depression, easy frustration, fatigue, hiccups, irregular or painful periods, mood swings, sighing, stomach ache that worsens with anger, PMS with irritability or swollen breasts.

To help soothe Liver Stagnation, get acupuncture is first and foremost. If your symptoms are really bad, your doctor may prescribe herbal medicine. I recommend a formula to balance emotions and Blood Builder to move the flow of Blood, tonify the Blood and stimulate the production of it. With strong Blood, one feels calm, together, vital and has a sense of togetherness.

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