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Stress and periods

Many women eat healthy, workout, and try to take care of them self but still experiencing painful menstrual cycles. If almost every month you deal with cramping, bloating, scant or excessive bleeding, fatigue or headaches, lower back pain motions, etc your body is signalling you to take a deeper look within.

In TICM painful and or irregular menstrual cycles are never normal, in fact they are a sign of an imbalance most likely rooted in the Liver, Stomach and Spleen. The Liver is responsible for the smooth flow of blood and energy and is the organ most influenced during a woman's monthly cycle. Guess what the Liver is also responsible for? The smooth flow of our emotions, especially anger, irritability and stress. Periods is something blessed from the heavens according to Islamic and Chinese Medicine hence why period must be a nice smooth flow, no PMS, no irregularities and no pain.

Stress and emotions like anger cause energy stagnation. When energy stagnates, our vital energy is impeded and can’t reach other organs and tissues. Not only is energy negatively impacted, so is blood flow. Energy moves blood. When blood flow is stagnated or stuck, painful symptoms arise and the uncomfortable period manifests.

Do you see the importance of managing stress and emotions? Your body is asking you to make changes to not only be healthier and pain-free but in the end be happier and less stressed. Isn't our body just marvelous? Wanting us to find pure happiness? So how do we manage stress and chase happiness according to TCM?

Being flexible, willing to go with the flow

Eating colorful, vibrant and healthy foods

Liver Recharge tincture to smooth emotions

Meditation, acupuncture, hijama, connecting to nature

Finding activities that spark your passions in life

Moderate exercise like Tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga

Connecting to nature, community, family and friends

Reducing sugar, alcohol, screen time, and stimulate intake

Removing yourself from stressful situations whether in work, living environments or personal.

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