Springtime is Liver time

A strong and healthy Liver gives way to healthy digestion, proper detox, strong Blood, hair growth, proper circulation, pain free menstruation, emotional balance and over 500 more essential functions that the body relies on.

Liver governs the tendons and manifests in the nails. Our tendons and fascia all rely on the nourishment of Liver Blood and the condition of the nails can reflect the level of Liver Blood.

One of the best ways to help the Liver along with your emotions, stress and circulation is to practice this massage daily. The ground tendon is located on the bottom of the feet, you can find it by placing your fingers alongside your toes and bending them forward. Then you will see the tendon appear running down the sole of the foot. It will most likely feel very tight and stiff.

There are three basic types of feels on this tendon:

1: very stiff and hard, tender feeling. This equates usually to having a quick temper, becoming easily agitated, most likely you are very stressed.

2: if you cannot find the tendon, try to bend the toes all the way up. If still cannot find it, or the tendon is very soft means that there is insufficient Liver Qi (energy). Need to massage the tendon until it is stronger. Do this massage daily.

3: tendon is big but not stiff, no pain or discomfort when touched. This usually applies to men over 50, and can reflect an over-stimulated Liver in his younger years from anger, overwork, excessive drinking, drug use or sexual activity.

Use a bamboo or wooden stick. Roll on the bottom of each foot 15- 20 minutes before bed.

Or use your hand to massage the tendon. You can do upwards and downwards strokes or circular strokes for 15-20 minutes on each foot.

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