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Spleen 10

SP10 is one of my top 10 points which I use on almost everyone even if they suffer hypertension. The only exception is, I will not use if a female patient is on her period. In clinic everything goes.

SP10 is a very special favourite for every type of itch. Whether itchiness is a result of any dermatological condition or dry skin, it can be frustrating, irritating and painful.

In TICM, itchiness is usually due to wind pathogens and a combination of dampness and or heat. Wind can enter the body and consume its Blood and fluids resulting in dryness especially in the upper body or the body surface. This is why mainstream does not work for any dermatological conditions.

SP10 is translated as Sea of Blood is a wonderful point for skin itchiness as it invigorates Blood. It is a special point for another condition. As the name suggests, this point nourishes the Blood which nourishes the skin. Blood and fluids are one, so dryness is a deficiency in Blood.

With knee flexed, 2 finger widths above the superior middle border of the kneecap on the bulge of the middle part of the quad. Rub or press this point for 2-3 minutes daily on both sides, 2-3 times daily.

Note: for me, people are not text book so I palpate and the patients body guides me to where the point is.

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