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Strengthen digestion

Improve your digestion by tapping on the Gallbladder channel. According to the Yellow Emperor Classic of Internal Medicine, the Gallbladder meridian has an abundance of Yang Qi (life force). By tapping the meridian, it will increase body Yang and strengthen the meridian and Gallbladder function.

Doing this exercise can promote and regulate the secretion of bile, help the body detox, increase digestion and the absorption of nutrients in the body. It can also improve Blood circulation, invigorate hair growth, clear skin, and also help reduce hip and knee pain, headache and migraines.

Sit regularly, with the back straight, make a fist and start tapping from the hip to the knee over acupressure points GB30-GB33. Do this gently about 200-500 times on each side. You can tap both sides at the same time or one side each time. Do this 1-3 times daily.

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