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Control appetite

If you feel hungry all the time or like you can't control your appetite, do this exercise in the video 3-5 times every day. Pinch and hold for 5 seconds, 5 times on both ears.

I always stress to my patients the importance of eating well and plenty. I think many people don't eat enough, especially enough of nutrient dense foods. But sometimes, we tend to overeat the foods that are really doing nothing for us. Try this simple exercise to help regulate or reduce your appetite and curb cravings.

On the ears we have a point called "Appetite Control" located on the fleshy part of the ear lobe in front of the ear canal. If you come to see me, I will happily apply some ear seeds for you to go away with, so you know exactly where to pinch. However, it will take time to see results, so do the exercise consistently.

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