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Sick care v health care

When the masses think of a health centre, images of hospital wards, GP clinics and pharmacies come to mind.

However when we think of sports centres we imagine them containing sports activities, shopping centres to contain shops and entertainment centres to contain entertainment.

So why is it that our images of health centres don’t really contain many healthy people?

The truth is the majority of us do not have a clue what true heath care is!

In 16th Century China, the doctors would be paid as long as the patient was healthy. If the patient was sick the payments would stop.

This was the true definition of health care. Where the focus of the doctor was to care for health and not disease.


Sick care is a form of reactive care where the body is not serviced until it breaks down or shows symptoms of dis-ease. This model of care is rarely applied to items of high value where a proactive model is used instead. This is the reason why most cars, expensive equipment and even boilers are serviced on a regular basis. This reduces the frequency and need for breakdown repair costs as well optimises and maximises the functionality of the item.

"To treat just disease is like waiting until one is thirsty before digging a well"

Do we value our bodies enough to provide them regular servicing, fine tuning and optimisation in order to function at their best capacity too?

This a well understood concept by TICM. Our approach is not just to address your symptoms and complaints but to also help foresee potential problems or pitfalls in your future and safeguard you from them. Our extensive experience working with high-level sports performers and athletes also helps us to explore how you can go from good to even better in other areas of your health.

Our focus is to ensure that the foundations of health are established in each individual we work with, and instead of focusing on removing symptoms we focus on removing the cause of those symptoms through the application of functional medicine. This approach provides long term solutions and not just quick fixes.

We hope to share some of these principles with you in the coming weeks and hope to empower you with the knowledge you need to keep your health and that of your family the best that it can possibly be

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