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Re-grow spring onion

Re-grow scallions/spring onions

One of the easiest things to grow is scallions. Scallions are one of my favourite things to eat, I eat them as a vegetable, in almost everything and it does keep sickness at bay due to its pungent and dispersing nature and keeps my Lungs and Liver in order. Did you know you can re-grow green onions from scraps? Scallions have a root end that's always trimmed off before using them for cooking, that is the end that you can use to regrow the onion.

This is great to do now because it is Spring! The foods that correspond most to Spring and the Liver/Gallbladder systems that are in focus now are green and pungent, scallions. Actually, the white and green parts of the onion support different organ systems. The white bottoms support the Lung with their warm and spicy essence, while the green tops nourish the Liver. In TICM scallions have long been used to treat colds and dispel pathogens. A great food to have on hand especially if you have the flu, fever, chills and fever, etc so that you can sweat toxins out, clear heat and expel pathogens before it gets deeply rooted into the organs.

Scallions can be cut in a variety of ways to be used raw or cooked. Scallions are incredibly nutritious containing antioxidants, fibre, minerals, vitamins and flavonoids. Will you try this?

How to re-grow green onions:

1. Slice off the white end of the onion from the stalk, leaving the root in tact.

2. Stand the ends root-end down in a glass, jar, or cup. I have even seen people use egg cartons for this.

3. Add enough water to cover the root while leaving the top of the root exposed.

4. Set them somewhere sunny like a windowsill and keep the roots moist.

5. In only a few days, green shoots will come through the top of the bulbs.

6. Keep the roots submerged and change water at least once a week.

7. When the green shoots grow to be about 4 inches long, you can pot them in the ground or in a pot. Use good quality soil that drains well.

8. Marvel at all the green onions you will have on hand and never have to purchase at the store. Now that there is some extra time this is a fun and rewarding project to do at home

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