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Movement is Life

We know that movement is a fundamental health requirement but we must understand that this is more than just simplistic model of using exercise as a health ritual to control our weight or enhance our aesthetics.

Today society teaches us this strong association, which means we move with the wrong intent and purpose to look good, be attractive or simply be more socially accepted. Whatever the reason, if we are not moving to stimulate and nourish our internal environments, we are ultimately missing the point.

Beauty, aesthetics, balanced weight and even attractiveness are all side effects of good health. If you want the effect you must focus on the cause. But all too often we see this the wrong way around. This is why so many people who are heavily involved in fitness and exercise still suffer with ill health. People go to the extent of risking and even sacrificing their health for aesthetics with the use of extreme and damaging regimes, drugs, cosmetics and even surgeries.

We must go back to basics and understand the concept of mobility and its requirement for the sustenance of life and the optimism of human health and function.

When someone dies from a heart attack it is the lack mobility of their internal environment that results in their death not the injury to the heart. Some people say movement is medicine but we would go one step further and say that movement is life, because without it we would die.

Every cell in our bodies lives in a dynamic fluid environment, which requires a consistent flow of nutrients and a channel for waste removal. This is achieved though pressure changes such as our pulses, muscle contraction, gravity, movement and flow. By nature we are mobile creatures, our souls encased within vehicles of locomotion. When this is compromised we create an environment that allows illness to grow.

Just how water that flows remains fresh while water that pools or becomes stagnant begins to festers disease, We too must maintain flow through movement in its various forms.

We will explore some of these concepts further in the coming weeks but in the meantime, consider your body and its flow of blood, lymphatics, nerve supply and energy. Are there areas where you feel or comprehend more or less flow? Are there parts of your body that are stagnant? Restrictions in movement often correspond with restrictions in flow. Have you ever massaged or mobilised your internal organs such as your liver, your kidneys your intestine and gut? As a culture we have become so reliant on drug interventions that we forgot all that it’s at our finger tips literally.

Now more than ever is a time that we need to take responsibility and ownership over the knowledge of our bodies and its needs for optimal health.

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