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In TICM, excess weight is viewed as an accumulation of dampness which results when the Spleen is dysfunctioning. The Spleen system oversees digestion, absorption and is responsible for transforming food into nutrients that are sent out to the entire body, supplying our energy and creating Blood. A dysfunctioning Spleen organ system is unable to do so, leading to failure to burn off or transform moisture in the body. Failing to transform waste fluids and foods gather into excess waste and transform into dampness which will congeal into phlegm and become “fat”. Liver Qi (energy) stagnation: emotional stress, excess emotions or trauma can take a toll on the body causing the Liver to fail in regulating Qi flow. When this smooth flow of Qi is obstructed, Blood flow is affected too. This sluggish flow of Qi can block organ meridians, block Blood flow and impede damp clearance, resulting in weight accumulation. How we can help:

Begin your day with hot lemon water and ginger powder tea.

Go to sleep before 11pm. Wind down without electronics earlier. Read or express yourself creatively instead of looking at your phone.

Try a Liver formula to help IBS systems and smooth the flow of Blood and Qi. If you feel you have symptoms like excessive anger, eye issues, red face etc speak to your physician.

Practice meditation, breath work, talking to a professional, Qigong, Salaah, affirmations, journaling, walking in nature.

Read up on previous Liver posts.

Eat breakfast and eat lightest at night. Give your digestion fuel at the times which match the circadian rhythm, 7-11amis the Stomach and Spleen time. They want warm fuel to heal and do their duties. Eating late at night hinders Liver function, which is responsible for proper detoxification, aka removing toxins.

Focus on whole foods. When you eat well balanced meals you do not have the need to snack. This allows the Liver, Gallbladder and digestion to complete their duties between meals.

Avoid chips, crackers, greasy foods, iced drinks, too many raw foods.

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