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Kidneys and teeth

Kidney’s relationship with teeth

We hope that brushing and flossing will maintain a healthy smile. But is that always the case? Some people with high standards for oral hygiene still have dental issues. Let's take a look from a TICM perspective.

In TICM, each organ governs sensory organs and tissues that make up our body. The Kidney system is responsible for our bones, teeth, and gums. Consistent teeth problems or even dreaming about teeth can indicate that there is an imbalance within the Kidney organ system which includes the Bladder. One scenario can be that you are stressed to the max and the Kidney has become weak and overworked, resulting in inadequate nourishment to the teeth and gums.

Furthermore, each tooth is related to an acupuncture/hijama channel which is related to various organs, tissues and glands in the body on this particular channel or energy highway. This connection can often indicate your overall health and wellness by reviewing your dental condition. If a person has a weak internal organ, the condition of the associated channel tooth could make it considerably more problematic.

To help the overall health of the teeth and bones, posts on Kidney health will be put up to harmonise the energy needed for bone health. Practice meditation, breath work and most efficiently, Qigong, Salaah. Skip strenuous exercise and stretch and go for a walk instead. Eat restoring Kidney loving foods like seaweed, wood ear mushrooms, black beans, miso, kale, ginger, chives, wild fish, and bone broth. The Kidney loves foods that are dark in colour and naturally salty.

Ask your healer about Kidney herbals to suit your needs. These herbs are ancient formulas which restore natural Kidney balance through tonifying the vital life force or Qi of our Kidneys.

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