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Joy and immunity

Let us find joy and boost immunity

I feel our freedom has been snatched away from us overnight and some of us have embraced this. Whilst I understand we have to take precautions which is common sense with any sickness, but what is happening now and people embracing it is beyond my logical thinking. Or maybe I am the crazy one who needs help. But one thing I do not is that I will never follow blindly.

Whilst many people think that this social distancing will change us as a people for the better, I cannot see it. Really? do we need something this chaotic to change us? Does change not come from within? A person will only change if they truly want to. Or even hand sanitisers? I know it does nothing but harm to health so how long before you become resistant to it? Why is it that even believers no longer believe in messages that have been given? Instead we follow blindly to deceptive science? Even when we science later proves itself wrong, we still do not take heed. We continue to follow it and we continue to allow the devil to laugh at us.

We live in a society that encourages us to consume more and more. We are led to compare ourselves to others, to their possessions and statuses. More often than not, we are left feeling empty or not good enough at the end of the day because of those very things. We are always chasing the next best thing in hopes it will make us happy.

The secret to feeling content and happy about who you are is not hidden under piles of new shoes, exotic vacations, big homes or money. Been there, done that, worn the t-shirt and it has done nothing form me except make me miserable and ungrateful. so call it cliche but all the happiness you need lies within. Instead of looking externally for validation, what would happen if we actually searched internally for that satisfaction, what do you think would happen then? Maybe we would discover what truly makes us happy, maybe we would realise that the beauty in life resides in the ordinary. See we are programmed not to find joy in the mundane, but rather to feel burdened by it.

Finding joy in our daily life makes us happier, healthier and allows us to see things from a positive perspective. If we are viewing life in a positive, loving perspective, we learn, we grow and most of all we appreciate what is in our lives. Appreciation and gratitude only attract more of those feelings and situations in your life, as if you were a magnet. When you start by appreciating the little things and finding joy in life's daily tasks, your whole world can shift.

Every day, at the end of the day, make a list of what you are thankful for today? Remember, being happy also boosts your immune system. So whilst the world goes through this difficult time, those on high vibration/frequency, do not allow low frequency people bring you down otherwise you will make yourself susceptible to not just the virus but sickness in general.

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