Indian costus

Indian Costus (Qust Al-Hindi) and Male Reproductive Health

Indian costus is extremely beneficial for male reproductive health as it:

- Increases libido

- Corrects premature ejaculation

- Improves semen morphology

- Increases feritility

How to use: take 1 tablespoon of powdered form in water. DO NOT USE CAPSULES as its a waste of time. 95% of therapeutic value of capsule is destroyed by the digestive acids by the time it reaches the Stomach and Liver.

Narrated by Um Qais: 'I went to Allah's Messenger (SAW) along with a son of mine whose palate and tonsils I had pressed with my finger as a treatment for a throat and tonsil disease. The Prophet (SAW) said: "Why do you pain your children by pressing their throats?. Use Oud Al Hindi as it cures seven diseases, one of which is pleurisy. It is used as a snuff for treating throat and tonsil disease and it is inserted into one side of the mouth of one suffering pleurisy." Bukhari 5713

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