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Healthy spring, healthy you

When spring is in full swing and this season is extra important if you fall into one of two categories:

You are a woman

You feel easily stressed, agitated, angered or frustrated

The Liver is the most important organ for women's health because it governs our Blood. Our Liver also governs our emotions and if you feel easily riled up, it is a sign your Liver needs some attention. Remember that a healthy Liver equates to a healthy life.

Stay calm: practice meditation daily to stay centred, calm and flexible. Just as the Liver is connected to the wood element, we must mirror the actions of wood: flexible but resilient. Stretch daily and go on walks. Do not get caught up in the intense new energies and work through your emotions in a natural way.

Sweat: make sure to sweat regularly. This can be done through moderate exercise and sauna use. I actually do not recommend exercise that is too vigorous as it uses up essential Blood and vital energy which can lead to period problems. For women, don't sweat too much right before the period and I don't recommend exercising while on your period.

Greens: the Liver loves dark leafy greens and green foods. When you lightly cook your green’s you ensure easier digestion and nutrient absorption.

Renewal energy: Spring is all about renewal and rebirth, think of flowers blooming. Connect to this important energy of the Universe and use it to let go of old habits and patterns naturally through simply connecting with things you feel better doing emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Sour and bitter foods: the Liver loves sour foods. Think fermented, citrus, green apples, apple cider vinegar, dandelion greens, broccoli rabe.

Dress warmly: continue to dress warmly until it is consistently very warm. I do not mean to wear a heavy winter jacket, but keep the neck, ankles and feet warm as they protect essential meridians relating to immunity, digestion and reproductive organs.

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