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What to do for haemorrhoids

Though haemorrhoids, also known as piles, aren't the most appealing of topics, they are actually very common and many people deal with them at least once in their life. In case you aren't aware, hemorrhoids are swollen pads of tissue and veins in and around the anal area and can be quite painful when they are enlarged or activated.

Haemorrhoids can be caused by childbirth, constipation, diarrhoea, lifting heavy objects, low fibre diet, pregnancy, poor diet, and straining to have a bowel movement.


Breath work: breathe during your bowel movement, don't strain yourself or your butt, and try and relax.

Movement: don't sit for too long, if you work at a desk make sure to get up and move around to get blood flowing in your digestion.

Diet is key: consume many varieties of cooked vegetables, fruits and whole foods. Stay away from processed foods, alcohol, greasy foods, cold foods and raw foods.

Emotional balance: keep the steady flow of emotions, do not let them control you and take over. Haemorrhoids in particular can be activated by anger.

Tips: acupunture, wear cotton underwear, keep the area clean with a gentle natural soap.

DON’T sit and shit. i mean sit but don’t read a newspaper or magazine, or get on the internet, or talk on the phone. Don’t bring a cup of coffee in with you. Do it quickly and get it over with and get out of there pronto. Extra time spent on the loo will exacerbate the condition. Avoid using your bathroom as a library or mobile phone scrolling room. Use a potty stool to raise your feet up about 6-8”. That’s one thing that can help, for sure.

and remember your Bowel movements should enter the water quietly and effortlessly like a canoe no sputtering, plops, or splash backs. Stay hydrated.

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