Give your body organs some love

In TICM, we do not view our body organs as pieces of meat that can be taken out. Our organs work as a small village in harmony with each other. When one gets sick, it has a knock-on affect on the others. Organs are loving organisms that have feelings, and each have their own spirit, colour, flavour, emotions, so on and so forth. Tell your organs how much you love and appreciate them every day.

Sometimes no matter what you do it may feel like your condition is not improving. Instead of looking outside yourself for the answers, it may be time to look within. Our beliefs and ideas about ourselves are often the cause of our emotional problems and physical ailments. This is very much true in Chinese medicine. In fact, in Chinese medicine, unresolved, excess, or stagnant emotions are considered the primary cause of imbalance in our bodies. When left unaddressed they can cause immediate symptoms, or overtime, they can lead to disease. We can unlearn beliefs that don't serve us and use certain tools to shift our thinking, therefore changing our lives for the better. Because of the power of the spoken word, one of the best tools are affirmations. One thing you can do daily is express your love to your organ systems. If you have a specific problem, look up or in my past posts to see the duties of that specific organ and make your own affirmation. Make sure it resonates with you, as that is how it really creates power. Touch each of your organs when saying these words.

Heart is the King/Emperor (Joy): Thank your Heart for nourishing the mind, body and Spirit: “Through the living and acting in Lover, I draw strength from Spirit to accomplish my tasks. I open my Heart to feel and express the abundant love of God”.

Lung (Grief/Sadness): Thank you Lungs for eliminating what is not for my highest good and allowing me to breathe easily. Thank you for clear thinking, openness to new ideas and good communication.

Liver (Anger/Stress/Frustration/Irritability): Thank you Liver for allowing my vital energy (Qi), Blood and emotions to freely flow and ensure graceful self-expression and creativity. I take practical steps now to realise my vision. I release any anger and frustration.

Kidney (Fear): Thank you Kidneys for connecting me to my ancestral wisdom. Through living in balance and harmony, I stay healthy and vibrant.

Spleen (Over worry/Over thinking): Thank you for easily digesting everything I ingest today physically, mentally and emotionally. Thank you for transforming and transporting nutrients efficiently to where they need to go. I trust the process of life to be there for me. I am safe.

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