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The journey to better health can be an overwhelming one. Where do I start? Is a question I' most often asked. TICM does not believe in extremes but more so balance. Here are small steps you can take today to help yourself. Most of the time it is not what we eat which contributes to our health but what we avoid. If you are looking to heal, avoid dairy, processed foods and grains and especially sugar. Sugar, dairy, processed foods, fried foods contribute to dampness and damp heat, which is the culprit of stubborn weight, toxins, and mucous. Incorporate herbs into your food intake. Herbs are the basis to all our meals and medicines in TICM. The reason they have such reverence is their nutritional quality and essences to invigorate certain organs. Turmeric, ginger, cumin, schisandra, seaweed, ginseng, etc have more benefits in a small teaspoon than most foods do in bulk. Talk to your physician to see what herbs are best for you. The importance of herbs is the foundation of my practice. Eat seasonally and locally. Our bodies mirror nature, eating foods to harmonise with the temperatures is what our mind, body and spirit crave. Spring is bountiful with dark leafy greens, the food group favoured by the Liver, which is also the organ correlated with Spring. Know your Yin and Yang balance. Are you Yin deficient, are you Yang deficient, do you have excess heat? Finding out the root cause to your health concerns sets you up to eat for healing. Talk to your physician or read previous posts that resonate with you to find your concerns and tips to help relieve your condition. Start on natural treatments: Try any or a combination of the following: acupuncture, cupping, Qigong, Salaah, Taichi, gua sha, stretching, infrared saunas, acupressure, aroma therapy, Epsom baths and foot soaks. These practices accelerate your ability to heal yourself, lose weight, remove toxins, improve your mood, and help digestion.

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