Eye twitching

Eye twitches is involuntary spasms of the eyelid muscles. They can be quite uncomfortable and annoying and according to western medicine, it is said the root cause can be related to fatigue, sleep deprivation, or prolonged screen time.

TICM however we differ in opinion. Eye twitching has a specific cause that has nothing to do with screen time or fatigue but instead to do with one of the external pathogens. Pathogens are changes in weather that are characterised by six external energies that can cause disharmony in the body. Basically, pathogens are outside forces that can make you sick, especially when energy is weakened. They are classified by being either internal or external, each type causing different symptoms. 

Wind is the pathogen that can cause twitches in the eyes. Wind is dry, light, active and hot in nature. It moves upward and outward and manifests in the upper part of the body. More specifically, external wind is the pathogen behind conditions such as colds, flu, allergies, and viral infections. Internal wind causes symptoms on a deeper level in the body, ones related to movement, like vertigo, tremors, twitches, dizziness, seizures, migraines, headaches, etc. 

As we know, everything in TICM has a root cause. That's what makes healing possible, because the balancing of the root issue can be addressed, healing many unrelated symptoms along the way. One root imbalance can actually manifest in several different symptoms that are deemed unrelated in western medicine.

Internal wind tends to affect your body on a deeper level. It’s commonly associated with a disharmony in the Liver system, when it is unable to process the smooth flow of energy in the body, which causes issues with movement and muscles, twitches.

See TICM doctor about your experiences and frequencies with muscle spasms and related movement issues to see if in fact your Liver is needing some extra attention, love and care. Your TICM doctor can also prescribe you herbs to ensure there is a smooth flow of energy and Blood going through the Liver as well as help and support the flow of emotions and regular detoxification.

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