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Children’s fever

Rub off your child's fever

When your child has a fever, the last things you should do is panic. Your panic will only aggravate the child further as our children feed off our emotions. Stay calm and this is what you do:

1. Prepare a small dish of water.

2. Heart channel: use fingers to rub gently but firmly from the wrist, baby finger side to the elbow, 200 times. Do this on both forearms.

3. Lung channel: rub from the elbow to the wrist, thumb side, 200 times on both forearms.

4. Pericardium channel: rub from the centre of the wrist to the elbow 100 times then wet your fingers with water and gently tap while blowing air from the mouth 8-10 times. Usually a child will sweat after an hour and temperature will be reduced.

5. Repeat procedures 1-4, above, if needed after 1 hour.

You can massage them while they are sleeping.

Remember to wipe off any sweat. This method is best for children under 6 years of age. If the child's temperature is 40 degrees celcius (104 fahrenheit) or above, you should see a doctor.

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