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Carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks and brittle bones connection

The thought of fizzy drinks make my Stomach energy rebel and start burping and it is no secret that these drinks are not the smartest beverage choice. Packed full of sugar, calories, and ingredients you probably cannot pronounce should be enough reason to put down the can, but if still need more reason as to why drinking these drinks are hurting your health, here we go. Sugar free is worse as its packed with further poisons. Along with spiking blood sugar levels and packing on the pounds, soda has been shown to make bones brittle. Most contain phosphoric acid, and shortly after you take a drink, it hits your lower intestine and binds with magnesium, zinc and calcium. Instead of those minerals reaching your bones, you pass them out of your system when you urinate, leaving your body depleted. Diet and regular soda both contain high levels of phosphoric acid, so switching to the healthier variety is not healthier after all. Supporting this line of thought is that sodas such as lemon lime drinks or ginger ale, which are not linked to osteoporosis, lack phosphoric acid. And as if that was not enough, though your teeth technically are not bones, they are composed of many of the same minerals. Teeth are stronger than bones, but they lack restorative properties. In other words, if you damage your teeth, they won't heal as a bone will. Drinking large quantities of soda can cause tooth deterioration in more ways than just depleting your body's minerals. Important note: phosphoric acid is added to prevent vomiting as if you were to physically eat the amount of sugar or sweeteners added, you would literally be vomiting all day.

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