Body Organs

Unlike mainstream medicine, in TICM, we do not see our body organs and cells as just pieces of flesh. This is one of the many reasons why we use capital letters for the organs. They are living organisms that hear and feel everything. All the organs inside the body work in harmony. When disharmony occurs, sickness arises.

So what are organs responsible for:

Lungs: detachment, courage, letting go, creativity and transformation.

Large Intestines: acceptance and letting go.

Stomach: living life to the full.

Spleen and Pancreas: thinking and relationships.

Heart: joy, pleasure and unconditional love.

Small Intestines: seeing equality in diversity.

Bladder: personal orientation and the journey within.

Kidneys: fear and anxiety as well as relationships.

Pericardium: protecting the Heart.

San Jiao (Lymphatic system): balance between the inner and outer worlds.

Gallbladder: decision making, determination, and being true to yourself.

Liver: transformation, renewal and change.

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