Grow your own Basil

I spoke about the importance of Basil in an earlier post based on commentary by Ibn Qayyim based on the Prophet's Medicine.

Whilst basil is not as potent as black seed, basil does contain one of the active ingredients from black seed, quinine. Basil is an important herb used in Islamic medicine.

Dr Dan has been pushing for the drug hydroxychloroquine since the start of the plandemic whilst I have been pushing for black seed as both these contain quinine. Due to the hot nature of black seed oil and its potency, it has the ability to cut through any infection viral or not.

As basil does contain the active ingredient, I would encourage people to grow this herb at home and use in your favourite dishes. But like with anything is Islamic and Chinese medicine, use in moderation, know the chemical interactions it may have with any medications you are taking or even the foods you consume.

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