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Autism Part 3

Autism Part 3: Energy blocked in the head Type

When energy in the body becomes blocked, this is where problems will start to arise in functioning often accompanied by pain. For example if someone has a blow to the head, even if it is not severe enough for concussion, the blow would still be enough to disrupt the energy flow for a while. Blow to the head may cause a headache during which time a person may not be able to think clearly. In the UK we usually send people for a brain scan for any type of injury to the head as any damage should show up on the EEG as irregular brain function but it would be hard pushed for to find any significant change in blood supply let alone actual damage.

How to tell if the energy to the head is blocked is by looking at the cranial rhythms, which are small movements of the bones of the cranium. Our skulls are not just one solid piece of bone, the skull is composed of many different bones which are moving all the time with gentle pulsating rhythms every 10-12 seconds. Whilst the movements are small, they can be felt. So when someone gets a blow to the head, the rhythm becomes distorted, the two halves of the skull will be out of phase with one side coming out and the other going in. When the rhythm becomes disrupted in this way, there are significant changes to the way the brain works and depending on the day who the doctor is, the patient may end up being diagnosed with dyslexia as often what is described is associated with dyslexia. With autistic children, the cranial rhythms are so reduced that the bones rarely move as the energy is blocked. Thinking affects cranial rhythms. When we think logical thoughts, concentrating on numbers and other abstract concepts, energy in the head slows down and the amplitude of the cranial rhythm reduces which after prolonged period of thought, these rhythms diminish to nothing, which is why people often get a headache after concentrating too hard.

Blocked energy to the head affects speech as it takes energy to speak. The process of forming words in the mind and as well as speaking words uses energy. Therefore children who have energy blocked in the head will have difficulty speaking, speak rarely or very quiet people. And those who do speak will do so in a jerky way without flow to their speech.

Blocked energy to the head also leads to imbalances in the body for which a common place is the Stomach. As it affects the Stomach, as a baby they will suffer colic and as they grow up they will have a restricted or limited appetite with many finding themselves confined to a very small range of foods like chips and pizza as anything else is hard for them to digest due to the Stomach energy not flowing.

Causes of blocked energy can be found around the birth where it is very long and painful birth where it gets to a point anaesthetic is required. The contractions usually come too forcefully before the cervix is dilated properly with the baby’s head is pushed hard against the inside of the womb. The prolonged pressure without movements creates a slight blue bruised colour on the head around the temple region.

But sometimes it may not be due to a long birth. It could be a very quick birth lasting less than 2 hours from start to finish. The amount of oxytocin given to induce birth is excessive so the strong contractions start before the cervix has dilated.

Another cause is trauma from forceps or ventouse used when the baby is stuck in the birth canal. When this method is used, bruises are clearer to see on the baby. Although bruises disappear with time, the trauma can last a lifetime for the baby.


Acupuncture treatment – depending on the individual child especially if withdrawn and not much or no speech, I would select to work gently on Spirit points especially on the Heart and Governor channel for speech, Liver channel for blocked energy, Stomach channel for appetite, Kidneys for fear.

Heart and Liver herbs essential for Spirit and Soul.

Ear seeds placed in the child's ear on Spirit points.

The changes that take place for the child is very rewarding as the child that was once locked in and could not relate to the world is now able to come out and interact. It will be a slow process but everyone progresses differently, some quicker than others but every child makes progress. It may take a year to see a full change but it is absolutely heart warming and rewarding for all those involved.

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