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Adenomyosis: help yourself

Adenomyosis: how to help yourself

Adenomyosis is a condition in which the inner lining of the uterus breaks through the muscle wall of the uterus. This condition can cause menstrual cramps, lower abdominal pressure, bloating before periods and heavy periods. More symptoms can include weight gain, having trouble conceiving, extreme bloating and constipation. Many women who suffer from adenomyosis also suffer from endometriosis.

In TICM this condition usually means that the patient requires more Yang, or warmth, to their uterus and to work on combating inflammation and rebalancing hormones. For Western treatments, one is usually given anti-inflammatory drugs, pain relievers and hormone medication. In TICM we work to solve the root cause to prevent the multiple symptoms and to regain balance internally.

How to help?

Cut out dairy and refined sugar: and all foods that cause inflammation.

Warm the uterus physically: use castor oil packs or hot water bottle on your Stomach.

Always keep feet, lower back and lower abdomen warm. I personally recommend those disposable stick on heat packs that you can put on top of your under clothes and leave on all day. Alternatively the maternity belts pregnant women wear are ideal.

Warm the uterus through warming foods: ginger powder, miso soup, steamed vegetables, congee, oregano tea as a muscle relaxant, cinnamon tea and bone broth.

Hijama/acupuncture: to open meridian channels for blood and Qi (vital life force) to heal the desired area. The doctor will also suggest herbs to take.

Blood builder formula: to support healthy blood flow to create a harmonious menstrual cycle made with organic, wild crafted herbs from your doctor.

Cut out hormones and toxins in food and lifestyle: you eat meat, eat organic and sustainable only. Use organic and natural products in your home.

Tip: refrain from drinking beverages while eating so as to avoid diluting stomach juices. This leads to much better digestion which promotes a healthier uterus.

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