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When seasons change, or there is a great shift which manifests as sudden weather, Mother Nature provides endless opportunities for growth. A winter with plenty of snow and cold gives way to a bountiful Spring.

Snow represents total transformation. From its beginning as moisture in clouds to the moment it touches the ground, pure metamorphosis marvels our eyes. Do we as well transform during this time?

Snow pulls nitrogen from the air downwards to the Earth, providing fertilizer to the ground. On a physical level it provides nourishment and protection to plants from harsh frost.

On a spiritual level, snow is water from Heaven. No matter your beliefs, it can be thought of as water from Universal energy of something greater. Our connection to this energy provides healing for our mental, physical and spiritual bodies.

In the book titled "Everyday Tao,” by Deng Ming-Dao" he states: “Water is powerful. Although it can be soothing, comforting, and cleansing, it can also be enormous, mighty, and overpowering. Its nature is constant. It is true to itself in any extreme.” White is the symbol for purity. In ceremonies, it is the colour of spirituality. Since the ancients taught that we are already pure, they laugh at teachers who advocated penitence and self mortification as spiritual methods. They said: we are already holy. Why struggle to become something we already are?”

Snow is transmission from the Divine. We can use this same energy to slow down, retreat and transform for optimal growth in the upcoming months.

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