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If you have weak Lung energy (Qi), try the following. This gua sha technique is best done directly on the skin. So grab your favourite oil or moisturiser and apply to your chest, neck and both arms. My favourite is ginger oil or frankincense.

Emotionally, some people hold back and are more prone to sadness. One of the questions I ask patients is which emotion are you most prone to and which one is most difficult to feel. Or you may be struggling to cope with loss or change. There could be a lack of self esteem, harsh judgement of ourself and others, and failure to respect or understand boundaries.

Lung imbalance does not mean Lung disease, is is a subtle signal that our body is not in balance and the strain of that is impacting our Lung energy, which will lead to an issue over time. So do this technique for a couple of minutes of each part of the body shown or at least 100 strokes. Make sure when you do the arms, you do both and all the way to the end of your thumb.

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