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Your relationships are a reflection of you

The relationship you have with everything in your life whether people, places, things, environment, all reflect the relationship you have with yourself.

The relationship you have with yourself is highly influenced by the relationship you had with the adults around you as a child. The way the adults reacted to us then is often the way we react toward ourselves now, both positively and negatively. The statement that everything around you reflects your inner world even has roots in TICM.

A great exercise to do is to think about someone in your life that is currently causing you trouble or pain. Write down a few traits about this person that you do not like, things you wish they would change. Then ask yourself the following: am I like that? where am I like that? Where and when do I do that? why does this trigger me? Also, write down all the things you love about them. Focus on the positive for at least 60 seconds daily.

Lastly, are you willing to change? When you remove these patterns, habits and beliefs from your thinking and behaviour, either they will change or leave your life. I have found this to be true, that when you change, the people around you do too. But we are so concerned about changing everyone else, we seldom look within.

Try this exercise, I know you will see results if you are ready to change.

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