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Yang deficiency

Every single one of us have this issue at a different level. Yang is our fire, our internal sun. For our health, it must always be burning bright and strong. If Yang is so important, why are so many people deficient in it?

Though Yang Qi deficiency can be inherited from birth, it is our modern lifestyles that are most often to blame for its depletion. Overeating raw and cold foods, overwork, overexertion, poor diet, skipping meals, exposing parts of the body too much in the cold, especially the waist, knee, ankle and neck meridians are the most common ways we deplete our Yang.

When Yang is lacking within the body, this leads to an accumulation of dampness as it is a failure to move nutrients and substances efficiently throughout the body.

Yang energy is essential for the Spleen organ system to perform its job, without relying on reserved Qi (energy). The functioning of the Spleen and Stomach fuel the entire body, transforming and transporting nutrients to every organ and every crevice of our body in order for it to function smoothly.

Yang Qi deficiency symptoms: cold hands and feet, aversion to cold particularly around the waist and back area, pang of coldness from the hand to the elbow, knee pain, weak pulse, might not like to talk, fatigue, diarrhoea containing undigested food, frequent urination at night, pale skin, puffy tongue that can be pale or white, period issues.

Regular foot soaks in hot water with ginger powder. Or even take a bath in ginger.

Rub the back for 20 minutes per day. I use ginger wraps on my back and lower abdomen when my Kidney warmer is in the wash.

Drink ginger powder tea at least twice daily.

Make congee for breakfast, consume sweet potatoes, organic bone broth and refrain from eating raw foods and cold beverages.

Acupressure selected points shown by your physician.

Meditation, Qigong, Salaah, yoga, dance and find a creative outlet to relieve stress and over worry which directly impact Spleen function.

Avoid cold beverages and raw foods. The body uses Qi (your vital life force) to bring cold drinks and raw foods to the Stomach's natural temperature (37 degrees celsius) in order to get digested. The Spleen and Stomach crave warmth to function.

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