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Xiaoshun (respect your parents from Chinese Medicine perspective)

Filial piety (Xiaoshun) is China's most important moral because it expresses a strong loyalty, respect, love, tolerance and sacrifice to one's parents, elders and ancestors. In Chinese culture, the family is the building block of society.

This root of this moral stems from the fact that parents give life to their children, support them and care for them through their developing years with food, education and material needs. The parents are then respected by their children and the children are in debt to their parents for providing them with all these things.

Being good to one's parents, taking care of one's parents, showing respect for one's parents creates a harmony within the family. 

Our family and family members are our biggest teachers, and is where we learn the hardest and most rewarding lessons and grow as an individual.

“Cultivate virtue in the family, and it will be overflowing”

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