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Wu Wei Zi (5 flavour berry)

Wu Wei Zi (Schisandra)

The elite of elite herbs and I know every herbalist would agree.

Wu Wei Zi was written about in China's first herbal dictionary, in the first century BC. It was described as a superior and elite herb to be used daily to promote longevity and wellbeing, something still true today. Wu Wei Zi is so powerful partly to in fact that it features all five of the taste senses at once, each denoting its own medicinal application. Wu Wei Zi tincture is crafted at our dispensary.

Sweet: restores energy and immune system.

Salty: provides minerals and nourishes the Blood.

Sour: detoxes and promotes digestion.

Bitter: stimulates digestion, treats inflammation and detoxes.

Pungent: strengthens organs, stimulates blood circulation and especially beneficial to the lungs and colon.

Liver detox for Liver energy (Qi) stagnation. One of Wu Wei Zi's greatest attributes is its ability to cleanse the Liver. It works by aiding in the detoxification process of binding endogenous and exogenous waste and toxins and eliminating them from the body and stimulates the growth of new liver cells. Wu Wei Zi is able to do this so well because of its strong antioxidant content. Also helps to shield the Liver from toxins exposed to either environmentally or through food.

Stress (Liver and Adrenal deficiencies): Wu Wei Zi as an adaptogen, is quite effective. Because this herb works for liver harmony, it addresses the adrenals by responding to excess stress by modulating endocrine and immune functions.

Wu Wei Zi combats poor metabolism symptoms such as fatigue, endurance, frequent infections, and blood sugar swings as well as stressors like stress and over-work by tonifying the adrenal cortex and liver.

Lung & Kidney Yang Deficiency: Wu Wei Zi harmonises Lung and Kidney Yang deficiencies by restoring and oxygenating the Lung. The herb treats the following symptoms: asthma, chronic coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, altitude sickness and respiratory infections. This herb restores and oxygenates the Lungs.

Kidney energy deficiencies: Symptoms including profuse sweating, night sweats and frequent urination. Wu Wei Zi balances Kidney fluids and overall strengthens the Kidney energy.

Cold Intestines (Spleen and Kidney Yang deficiencies): Symptoms like chronic diarrhea, bloating and stomach discomfort by promoting circulation in the digestive tract. These actions overall boost the immune system.

Heart health: It lowers blood pressure and helps heart health by improving blood flow for healthier blood vessels.

Skin health (Yin deficiency with dryness): Wu Wei Zi has always been popular in China, especially among the wealthy class to promote beautiful skin and provide protection from sun and wind damage. Because of the astringent nature of Wu Wei Zi, the skin is able to hold moisture to be plump and supple. It helps to improve problems like eczema and hives because of its power to heal the Liver.

Wu Wei Zi energises, strengthens, protects and nourishes all the organs and meridians of the body. It balances hormones, mental and cognitive function, promotes beautiful skin and is overall anti aging. Wu Wei Zi is believed to benefit all functions of the body, with the largest influence on Kidneys, Lung and Liver function.

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