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Wound healing

Ouch! You were just trying to sharpen your kitchen knives but ended up slicing your finger instead. From the mundane daily tasks to major accidents, most of us will suffer some type of wound at some point in our lives. So, how can we heal just a little bit faster?

aloe vera and vitamin E: Get put your aloe vera and vitamin E cream. Both products include properties that help to improve the healing process. They get into the cells and promote healthy growth. They are antioxidants that help to fight off free radicals that affect the health of the cells, leading to cancer, aging, and scarring.

keep movement to a minimum: If you continue to move the skin, you will keep opening the wound. You want it to heal, which means minimizing the amount of movement that you make. Remember, the longer it takes to heal, the more risk there is of scarring.

ginger: It’s time to think about the food you eat. Wound healing isn’t all about topical treatments. Ginger is one of the best healing foods you can consume. It’s full of curcumin, a spice that is a derivative of a finger. You can also find it in other spices and herbs, including turmeric and paprika. However, ginger is the easiest to use and the most natural form. Drink some ginger tea on a nightly basis to get this natural healing element into your system.

garlic: Garlic has been known for its anti-microbial and antibiotic properties; that is, it can instantly help stop bleeding, reduce pain and promote healing. In fact, garlic also boosts body's natural defences against infection. If the wound is bleeding, just apply a few crushed garlic cloves on it.

honey: Applying honey on the open wound helps dehydrate the bacteria from it and keeps infections at bay. Honey is well known for its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Apply honey directly on the wound regularly before washing it.

limestone powder: limestone powder also known as chuna is commonly used in paan, has healing properties. All you need to do is to take some turmeric and chuna and heat the two and apply the mixture on the wound. This will help the wound heal completely

San Qi: obtain from your TICM healer.

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