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Why are you worrying?

In TICM, one of the keys to longevity and vitality is not to worry about loved ones. I know that sounds harsh and nearly impossible, but how many times have you given a loved one advice, sometimes over and over, and they do not listen. Then you are left worrying, upset and stressed that it can impact your health and peace of mind.

We all have that someone that we say the same thing over and over to, but they just don't listen. Or we want to share things we learned that will help that someone, but again, they don't listen. This can be upsetting and even heartbreaking. Heartbreaking no more. Take care of your Heart. Do not worry and be happy.

When you feel worried, you can switch your thoughts to sending them love, light and positivity, instead. We are all on our own journeys, and as we know from our own experiences, we need to find out or learn through our own decisions. We can happily give our opinion if asked or if we are concerned. But come from a place of love, not necessarily knowing better.

I also take goji berry daily along with other simple herbs such as ginger powder tea. I also do the longevity march daily along with using my bamboo tapper as these are some of the most important way’s I stay healthy as I do not have the time to go to the gym with my schedule.

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