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Wood element

Wood element associations: Liver, Gallbladder, Spring, green.

To understand the wood element and all the other elements for that matter, just look to nature for the perfect example. Trees are the reflection of wood, showcasing growth, change, and expansion. Trees are solid in their roots, possess determination and compete with those around them to grow and even under pressure. Wood types are confident, driven and courageous.

Wood is correlated to Spring when the energy is new and all about renewal.

The organs associated with wood are the Liver and Gallbladder. When physical imbalance manifests, it often looks like high Blood pressure, headaches, migraines, tight muscles and PMS in women. Emotions manifest as being easily irritable, stressed and angry. Wood types may crave alcohol or greasy food when imbalanced in hopes of relieving stress. Trees need to be flexible and adaptable, if not, imbalance occurs.

Physically, wood types tend to have thin, lean bodies. They are agile and move with grace.

How can wood types positively influence their health?

Exercise: swimming, walking in nature and relaxing activities like Qigong or tai chi are important for you. Make sure you sweat but don’t over-exert yourself.

Flow: be flexible and adaptable, go with the wind, don't resist change.

Expression: nurture your words, creativity and express yourself freely. If you are feeling frustrated, scream in your car or into a pillow.

Relax: unwind daily through natural stress relieving activities. Enjoy time with loved ones.

Food and nutrition therapy: avoid excessive alcohol consumption and nourish your body with natural sour foods such as apples, sauerkraut, and green vegetables.

Herbs: use Liver formula’s to manage the flow of emotions, Blood and Qi (energy), which are all stored in the Liver. Eat goji berries regularly especially if you have eye issues. Make sure you get enough magnesium and zinc as those support Liver function greatly.

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