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Wireless: the silent killer

Do you know the health damage with wireless?

In general, you can reduce your exposure levels by eliminating sources of wireless radiation or creating distance from the source. Try the following safety tips in your home to protect your family from potential health effects of wireless radiation.

Throughout your home:

Replace your cordless phone with a corded phone.

Resist a smart meter when offered by the electric company.

Find out how close your home and office is to a mobile phone antenna or tower.

If your home is less than ½ mile, purchase paint, shielding curtains and tape to reduce your exposure to wireless radiation, especially in your bedroom. These products can be found at a EMF safety store.

Replace your wifi computer network with a wired computer network. If you must use wifi, turn it off at night.

Do not sit in close proximity to a wifi router and keep it in an isolated area. Consider purchasing a signal tamer or router guard.

In the bedrooms:

Remove cordless phones and mobile phones from your bedroom.

Remove computer equipment and tablets from your bedroom.

Keep electric alarm clocks at least 3 feet from your bed. I still have a battery operated one.

Keep wifi out of bedrooms.

Avoid using electric blankets and electric heating pads.


Either replace your wifi with a wired computer network or move your wifi router far away from commonly used living or working areas. Mine is in my garage, but I have shungite tiles in my car to protect car electronics and if I need to use Bluetooth in the car to receive urgent calls, shungite absorbs any radiation.

If you must use wifi, consider having at least one computer hard wired, which is what I have as I cannot work from modern computers and laptops. Whoever went to school with me will know whilst they all used laptops to make notes, I would be using pen and paper. Traditional ways never fail and you actually use more of your brain retaining more information into your subconscious memory.

When using a wired internet connection, once the wireless portion of the router is disabled, disable the wireless connection on your laptop. Look for Network Settings on a PC or Airport on a Mac computer.

Avoid using a wireless laptop or tablet on your lap.

Replace your wireless computer with a standard wired desktop computer.

Plug a standard keyboard into your wireless laptop to create distance between you and the laptop.

Replace your wireless mouse with a wired mouse.

Replace your wireless keyboard with a wired keyboard.

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