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Where to keep warm

Those who come to me will know how famous for telling them to keep warm. I cringe when I see people improperly dressed, open toe shoes, etc. The weather is cold around the world at the moment and some places are freezing especially where I am. Many of my patients complain of symptoms that come on during the transition period of each season. Many of these aches, pains and disharmonies can be prevented with warmth and keeping essential meridians protected against wind, cold and dampness. Paying attention to this can save you from arthritis later in life, help with fertility, prevent getting sick, promote proper rest, avoid headaches, and prevent future Spring allergies plus much more. Ankles: our ankles and legs have all the major meridians running all around and through them. Exposing the ankles to cold weakens the main organ systems, leading to digestive imbalances and lowered immunity. In TICM we say the temperature of the feet is the temperature of the womb. If you are trying to get pregnant or just have an all-around healthy reproductive system, keep the ankles, legs, and feet warm always. Back of the head: wearing scarves, turtlenecks, and keeping this area warm is essential to block out one of the most susceptible areas to wind and cold. This area makes us vulnerable to cold, aches and pains in the face, neck or shoulders, balance issues, headaches, and migraines. If this happens, rub on point GB20 with your thumbs. Protect this part of you with a scarf. Wrap it well so that the back and front of your neck and top of your chest have an added layer of protection. Stomach: wear a camisole or undershirt every day. Make sure to tuck it into your trousers, skirt etc so that your skin is not exposed. This will protect and keep the Stomach warm. It also keeps the intestines warm for better digestion, keeps the reproductive organs and meridians like REN4 warm, protects our Qi (vital energy) and Kidney system. If the Stomach is experiencing dysfunction or is cold, it will be unable to support the Lung system. This leads to Lungs which are more susceptible to colds, coughs, allergies, runny nose, and pathogens.

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