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Where is the love

Have you ever felt emotionally distant in a relationship? Maybe things started off great, but after a while you came down off the high and began to feel estranged or distant. Or maybe this season has caused extra stress in your life and it’s affecting your relationship.

Don’t give up quite yet. This is not necessarily the end of a good relationship, and it certainly isn’t a telltale sign you should move on. It may simply be the time to strengthen your foundation of emotional intimacy.

What is emotional intimacy in a relationship? It is the deep sense of being connected to one another. It is feeling loved, respected, and appreciated while at the same time seeking to reciprocate.

To feel loved is to have the sense that the other person genuinely cares about your well-being. Respect has to do with feeling the other person has a positive regard for your personhood, intellect, abilities, and personality. Appreciation is the inner sense that he or she values your contribution to the relationship.

If there is genuine love, respect, and appreciation, then you will experience emotional unity.

Whether you are single or married, understanding (and building) emotional intimacy will create a positive and life-giving atmosphere that enables you to grow closer with those you love.

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