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Weigh loss

Eat warming, freshly made foods, avoid cold and raw foods. This is the number one easiest way to reduce inflammation, bloating and excess weight. Warm foods are beloved by the Stomach and Spleen and easily digested. Energy (Qi) is needed to lose weight, so do not waste energy on hard to digest food. An over consumption of cold and raw foods, dairy creates inflammation and mucous. This makes it hard to lose weight.

Do not eat late at night. We follow the natural rhythm of the body. I always see people say that it does not matter what time you eat, but that goes against the natural workings of the body according to TICM. Our digestion is the strongest in the morning and early afternoon, it needs fuel. At night, our other organs like the Kidneys, Liver, Gallbladder all come into their roles to repair, detox and rebuild the body. When we eat late, we use our energy on digestion and not on repair. Do not skip breakfast, if you are not hungry in the morning, it can be due to weak digestion.

Avoid sweets and greasy foods. If you have a sweet tooth, try a cup of my ginger powder tea with honey in it. If you over react something greasy or fatty, take hawthorn fruit tea to help break down the fat. Refined sugars really hurt the Spleen which is the organ system responsible for digestion, sugar causes the formation of dampness and mucous as well as spiking the blood sugar only leaving you to crave more sweets or refined carbs soon after. Hence why high blood sugar levels does not justify diabetes diagnosis and medication in my professional opinion.

Focus on strengthening the Liver, Spleen and Kidney systems. These systems in particular play a large role in one's weight. Regular acupuncture and other TICM modalities support weight loss, as well as herbal formulas. For example, if you are very stressed, use Liver herbs. If you have symptoms like joint pain and thinning hair, use Kidney herbs. Add in healthy thoughts, herbs and practices like meditation, salaah and Qigong. A happy mind is a happy body. Show yourself love by feeding your body nourishing foods and thoughts. .

And do not forget to treat yourself through taking care of yourself instead of indulging in unhealthy habits.

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