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We ‘think’ we are right, but are we

We ‘think’ we are right, but are we?

Everyone believes they are right, at least to some degree.

Our perspective is like a lens through which we view and interpret what we are experiencing. Our viewpoint influences what we focus on in the experience, how we understand, synthesise, and respond to what we are “seeing.” While we tend to believe our perceptions are an accurate account of what is occurring, they aren’t actually purely objective.

How we experience a situation is influenced by our past experiences, prior knowledge, our beliefs about the world, and self-interest. These influencing factors are different for every person and, therefore, can sometimes cause conflict when we lack the ability or willingness to understand another’s point of view.

To better understand the point of view of another person, we have to understand these foundational realities in life:

You are not the only person in the world.

You and your preferences aren't the sole factor in making decisions.

Other people are different from you, they view life differently than you, and these differences need to be considered in interactions and decisions.

To get along with other people collaboratively, you need to understand them (and they need to understand you).

Communication works best when you communicate in the ways other people think and communicate (rather than what makes sense to you).

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