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Water element

Water element associations: Kidney, Bladder, Winter, black.

Water types are able to go with the flow but are strong and willful and accomplish what they set out to do. Calm, clever, articulate and wise. This eases those around you. Your observations about life make you a bit of an old soul. Our Kidney stores the wisdom of our lineage, so this comes as no surprise.

Winter is the correlated season, where introspectiveness and stillness reign supreme. That's why water types enjoy anonymity.

When the water element becomes imbalanced or is blocked from fully expressing itself, you may lack the qualities above, or have lost them over time as the imbalance has grown more severe. Cleverness turns to absent mindedness, evasiveness turns to isolation, introspection turns to phobic fears, calmness turns to detachment, lucidity turns to catatonic despondency, resilience turns to exhaustion; integrity turns to rigid belief patterns.

The organs associated with the water element are the Kidney and Bladder. When physical imbalances manifest, they are prone to water metabolism issues like swelling and oedema. They can have frequent urinary tract infections and experience back, joint and knee pain as the Kidney governs the bones. Emotionally, fear is the emotion that correlates to the Kidney system. Fear, timidness and indecision are what a water element would experience when out of balance.

Physically, most water types have soft bodies, round faces and often have dark hair. Their eyes are large and soft and may experience dark circles if they are tired.

How can water types positively influence their health?

Food and nutrition therapy: focus on dark foods like seaweed, dark berries, bone broth, wild shellfish, wood ear mushrooms, organic meat and lots of beans. Soups and stews are the most beneficial foods, particularly ones that have been cooked for hours. Water types should avoid cold food, drinks and salads.

Social: work through timidness and make it a point to prioritise your social life and be around others.

Fear: when feeling fear, just know you might be a bit off balance. Nourish the Kidney through rest, warming soup and some time of reflection. Our Kidney system stores our wisdom, our ancestral knowledge and our reproductive essence. This is so powerful. The more you tap into this energy, the more you nourish your life force. Take some time to meditate and reflect on your uniqueness.

KIDNEYS ARE THE FOUNDATION OF OUR BODIES. NEVER underestimate the power of your Kidneys, you have two for a reason.

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