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Warm Uterus

TICM has long paid attention to body temperature and its significance in fertility, pregnancy, and overall women's health. According to TICM, an inadequate body temperature and lack of proper circulation can contribute to symptoms. 1. The environment around us and what we consume on a daily basis will alter the temperature inside us. For those trying to conceive, warm up the Uterus, consuming raw cold foods or drinking cold beverages should be avoided. Instead choose warm, cooked foods whenever possible. Hydrate with warm water and ginger powder tea to further help boost your temp. Add spices like cayenne, cinnamon, and ginger as additions to breakfasts and meals to help warm up a cold condition. 2. Nourish Yin to promote ovulation. Just as we nourish Yang, we want to nourish Yin, as they need each other for balance. Nourishing Yin including the ripening follicle during this phase sets you up for a healthier and warmer second half of your cycle. Do this by eating Yin and Blood nourishing foods like bone broth, beef liver, sesame seeds, sardines, spirulina, eggs, bone broth, beets, leafy greens, avoiding spicy foods, getting enough rest, using herbs, and getting acupuncture. 3. Keep your feet warm. The Kidney system is responsible for our life force energy (Qi, both inherited and cultivated), several key Kidney acupoints are located on the bottom of the feet and on the inside of the ankles. We say that the Kidneys start in the feet. When Qi is flowing freely, and the body is warmed, Blood also flows the same. This leads to better fertility. 4. Herbals, which invigorates the Blood, transforms Blood Stasis, softens lumps and overgrown tissue and reduces stagnated abdominal pain. This is a wonderful formula to stimulate circulation and promote warmth. Fertility formula’s warms the womb, nourishes Yin, calms the Liver.

Note: ladies, my new TCM doctor who is very traditional, says tight clothing such as skinny jeans is not allowed is TCM and definitely do not wear tight clothing when on periods as its damaging to health. She made it clear she never wants to see me in tight clothes. I was actually left embarrassed when she said to me that as a Muslim I should know better. She then went onto telling me to cut out processed foods as well as processed people, sugar and diary, which is easy done as I do not entertain these things anyway. Her reasoning was that these things would affect my spirituality, energy and healing abilities. Then she killed me when she said no more coffee's before I remembered chaga which is better for me.

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