Want a slimmer waist

Bloating and excess weight in the Stomach region around the belly button are due to stagnated energy (Qi) not being able to freely flow, which can be caused by a myriad of different reasons, varying from stress to poor diet, to emotional imbalance. This seems to be currently a serious issue with patients of all ages.

This stagnation can be food, emotions and energy. You can dissipate and move this blockage out of the Stomach using gua sha. The result will be a slimmer waste and most importantly free flowing energy moving around in the body.

Use gua sha tool, scrape from REN3 to belly button, from SP15 and belt vessel to belly button again.

Repeat 50-200 strokes, 1-5 times weekly. Start off and work up to more repetitions on a gradual basis.

Enjoy a cup of ginger powder tea. Add 1-3 cloves if you are have teeth or gum issues.

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