Waking up early

Waking up early is healthy and an important Sunnah and important part of Islamic and Chinese Medicine

Waking up early is a routine with many benefits especially in the Spring and Summer seasons in TICM and also as prescribed by the Sunnah.

In Spring and Summer, life and nature is in full bloom and growth after resting in the colder months. We should mirror nature and wake up early to connect with the active force of the season.

From 5am - 7am the Large Intestine is in the spotlight of the circadian rhythm, or body clock, waking up and releasing toxins expelled by the body during the night. Rising during this time to drink warm lemon water followed good old ginger powder tea is very beneficial to help stimulate the process of elimination and remove toxins. Going to the bathroom at least once a day is imperative for a healthy body, mind and spirit. If toxins sit inside your body they will fog your gut, your brain and lead to many other health imbalances.

You should also give your self time in the morning to relax and not rush, not only to prepare your body for physical detoxification but mentally as well. These morning hours are the best time to pray, mediate, engage in moderate exercise and connect with nature. It is super helpful in balancing your emotions for the day.

You can write in a morning journal a few pages of your feelings and emotions. That helps to release them of your head and may feel like a weight has been lifted. You will lead the day more focused and present. If you are dealing with emotional imbalance, take Liver herbs to help regulate your emotions and detox physical waste.

Drinking caffeine is normal for most people at this time but unfortunately this is what can cause the midday crash that tends to follow up with another cup. Try to hydrate instead of taking caffeine in the morning and after a few days you will be surprised on how much energy you gain. Also note that eating breakfast is an absolute must between 7-9am as the Stomach is in full mode and needs to be warmed and fed. The actions needed from 7-9am are literally eating and nourishing according to TICM. My top breakfast picks are baked, steamed or roasted sweet potato, oatmeal topped with goji berries, walnuts.

And take herbs to nourish the Stomach and Spleen.

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