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Vaginal health

Vaginal health is conversational and one no one wants to talk about or some women are shy in answering questions around it. Do not be shy, TICM doctors need to know the most graphical details possible in order to get the diagnosis correct and provide correct treatment. Whether discussing with your friends, or asking questions to your doctor, no woman should feel ashamed of wanting to know about her body. The only way to understand our body's messages is through conversation and education. In TICM, we know that physical symptoms are not separate from emotions so no part of the body is isolated. Our reproductive health holds so many keys to our wellbeing.

One common question I ask is about vaginal discharge such as colour, consistency, smell and so on as it gives clues into what's happening within the body on a physical and emotional level. Slight vaginal discharge is normal, which will increase around the time of ovulation, it should be thin and colourless without odour. Discharge that is coloured and has an odour is a sign that there is an internal dysfunction that can be caused by the below factors. Other symptoms like vaginal itching or sores which can accompany discharge are not normal and are also a result of the following factors. The Spleen (digestion) and Liver (the organ that regulates our Qi, Blood and emotions) are the organs responsible for a healthy vagina.

Nutrition: when Spleen health is weakened with a poor diet heavy in grease, dairy, refined sugars and carbohydrates are overall hard to digest foods, or excessive cold foods, our digestion is unable to handle it. Not to mention skipping meals, eating late, excessive alcohol, drugs and prescription medications also wear down the digestive system as well as the Liver which in turn attacks the digestion. Most gynaecological issues stem from poor digestion from improper diet. Many women also experience issues from following restricted diets, what I see the most are vegans or vegetarians resulting in deficiencies that manifest to infertility, painful, irregular periods. Do keep in mind that certain ways of eating do work for some constitutions but not for others.

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