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Vaginal discharge

I discuss this in-depth with my ladies as every little bit of information helps in formulating the correct diagnosis. If the diagnosis is incorrect no treatment will work. 

White discharge which may be thick in consistency may be considered normal. I do expect females to have discharge perhaps at ovulation time with some pain being experienced around the ovary region. This is a normal discharge. However, if you have burning sensations, irritation, itching then its likely you have an infection. 

Yellow discharge is not normal and can be a sign of bacterial infection or a sexually transmitted disease.

Brown discharge can be caused by irregular periods as its old blood flowing out. If you continuously have brown discharge, keep an eye on it, the patterns and timings, what makes it worse or better and see someone to have it checked out as it could be a sign of uterine or cervical cancer. 

Green discharge, panic. Go see someone immediately to have it tested. Otherwise, come and see me so we can work out together. 

I often ask if the discharge is smelly as it's important to know what it smells like to me whether it cheesy, fishy, sweet and so forth. Keep an eye on the consistency whether its thick, thin or watery as they all mean something to me. Keep an eye on the temperature too. 

What I have said above will make no sense to a medical doctor. However, this is where I suggest you see a TCM/TICM doctor and we will diagnose you and provide you with correct herbal medicine in addition to adjusting your dietary requirements.

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