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Uterus lining

Naturally thicken Uterus lining

Increase Blood circulation: thin endometrial lining can also be caused by poor blood circulation. In fact, a lack of physical activity contributes to thin uterine lining. Exercise helps the body in a number of ways and something as simple as walking can actually thicken the uterine lining. Try to be more active and get at least 15-20 minutes of physical activity into the daily schedule. You can use ginger powder daily as well as a Blood and energy formula that your physician may prescribe daily to promote better Blood flow.

Keep Uterus warm: a cold Uterus results in Qi (energy) and Blood stasis. This is a result of cold foods, cold drinks, raw foods, skipping meals, etc. When the digestion is working efficiently, it has enough Qi (energy) and Blood to run smoothly. When the digestion is too cold, it pulls warmth from the lower organs like the reproductive system and Kidneys. Use a heating pad on your belly and drink ginger powder tea daily. Drink warm water and eat cooked foods, do not skip meals.

Cold in the Uterus, you will have period cramps, pain and other unwanted issues that should not be associated with menses which will lead to gynaecological issues and infertility.

Herbal formulas: depending on your root problem, your physician will prescribe accordingly.

Blood formula: one of the key formulas for those with symptoms of anaemia, anxiety, arthritis, depression, dizziness, eating disorders, fatigue, feeling scattered, infertility, insomnia, irregular menstrual issues, miscarriage, low iron or B12, migraines, painful periods, scanty period, poor memory, thinning hair. Blood builder nourishes Heart and Liver blood, regulates the Chong Mai and Ren Mai, major meridians associated with fertility.

Kidney formula: increases Kidney Yin so it adds moisture to the sexual organs and is one of the best herbal formulas to balance Kidneys.

Fertility formula: this formula can be taken whether you are trying to conceive or not. This blend of herbs strengthen Kidneys, remove Liver stagnation, tonify Spleen and Liver, warm the Uterus, remove Blood stasis, regulate healthy Blood flow and remove cold in meridians.

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